Audience: For Landlords & Property Managers

Adding Applicants

On the Applicants screen, you can add prospective Tenants and set which Property and Unit (if the Property is a Multi Unit) they are interested in. You can optionally upload an Application Form that they filled out, which will be saved to your Documents List.

Adding Application Forms

On the Forms List, you can create a new Application Form from scratch by clicking the Add Form button. Set the Recipient Type to Applicant, set the Type to Application, and then drag n drop and edit the text and form fields that you want to add to the Application Form.

Alternatively, you can click the down arrow next to the Add Form button and choose the Add Application Form option. This will pre-populate an existing Application Form, then you can make any edits that pertain to your situation.

Filling out Application Forms

After saving the Application Form, on the Forms List you will see a public url for the Application. You can add this link to any listings you have, or share it directly with Applicants. Once an Applicant fills out the Application Form and submits it, Housters will do three things:

  1. Email you that you received a new submission.
  2. Update the Forms List with a new submission entry below the Application Form, which you can click on to view the filled out Form.
  3. Save the filled out Application Form to your Documents List.
  4. Add a new Applicant to your Applicants List, with the Application Document associated with the Applicant.

Selecting an Applicant as a Tenant

Once you have decided on an Applicant to go with for the property or unit, on the Applicants List you can click the down arrow next to the Edit button and choose the Select as Tenant option. A new form will be displayed that is similar to the Add Tenant form and allows specifying the new lease terms for the Tenant. Once saved, the Applicant will be converted into a full Tenant, at which time Housters will start tracking the rent they owe over time, based on the lease terms.