Audience: Landlords & Property Managers

At Housters, we understand that we’re not the only one running a business. Landlords and Property Managers have their own businesses. When interacting with others, such as Tenants or Vendors (aka Contractors), they want to be able to brand their communications with their own business logo and text, not just send something that has a big Housters logo at the top.

To this end, Housters has a Branding screen where users can customize individual logos and header text on the Housters dashboard, on reports that they generate in Housters to send on to clients, on Forms (e.g. online Application Forms that will be filled out by Applicants), on email communications, and on Invoices. When these custom logos are uploaded, they will replace the Housters logo.

For Invoices, Landlords and Property Managers can additionally customize their address, phone number, and payment delivery instructions.