Housters does a good job of notifying you on the dashboard screens whenever important events are coming up, such as approaching due dates of To-Do List tasks or Tenant Leases that are ending. However, often times you will want to get notified outside of Housters when these events occur. Rather than just flooding your email or phone with alerts, we allow you to choose exactly which alerts you want to receive and where from the Notifications screen. For each alert that we offer, you can choose whether you want it sent to your Housters dashboard, through email, and/or through a mobile push notification to your Android or iOS device.

A note on push notifications: Although you can turn push notification alerts on or off from the website, you first need to opt in to push notifications from the mobile app.

For Landlords and Property Managers, we offer alerts for things like Tenants that are late on rent, a new maintenance request that was submitted by a Tenant, when a Vendor (aka Contractor) updates the status of a To-Do List task, and when the status of an online payment that you sent or are receiving has changed.

Tenants and Vendors can also set up alerts for events related to maintenance requests, online payments, and To-Do List tasks.

Mailing List

Housters also has a mailing list. By default, all users are subscribed automatically when they sign up for Housters and then they can choose to unsubscribe from the Notifications screen. Unlike most mailing lists that seem to send you endless emails about things you don’t care about, Housters tries to use it only for notifying you about new Housters releases. It’s important to read up on our releases because we’re constantly adding new features or changing the experience of existing features, so you don’t want to miss a change or enhancement that might impact you.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to receive emails about the Housters releases, you can “Like” our Facebook page. We create a new post on Facebook every time a new release goes live with the full release notes.