Receiving Online Payments

Audience: Landlords, Property Managers, & Vendors (aka Contractors)

Through a 3rd party service called Rotessa, Housters offers the ability to send online payments for various payment flows. You can set up your Housters account to be able to receive online payments for the following scenarios:

  • Landlords & Property Managers receiving online rent and deposit payments from Tenants.
  • Landlords receiving online payments from Property Managers.
  • Property Managers receiving online payments from Landlords.
  • Vendors receiving online payments from Landlords & Property Managers.

To get set up for receiving online payments, you can go to the Online Payment Settings screen. From there, you can click Add Bank Account and follow the link to create a new account with Rotessa. Only residents of the U.S. and Canada can create Rotessa accounts. If you live in the U.S. you must also sign up with a valid business (e.g. LLC), if you live in Canada then you can sign up as either a business or an individual. Note that Rotessa charges a monthly fee of their own for receiving payments, payments are free for the sending party. You can view Rotessa’s pricing here, which includes a 30% discount for users who sign up through Housters.

As part of the signup process with Rotessa, you will be asked to provide information that will allow them to verify your identity (to protect from fraud) and also to add the bank account where you would like to receive online payments. Note that Rotessa only supports adding one receiving bank account per account.

Once your account is reviewed by Rotessa and approved, you can sign back in to your Rotessa account. Click the Admin link at the top, then API Keys, then Create New API Key. Back on the Online Payment Settings screen in Housters, you can copy and paste in the API Key, enter a bank account name, and then click Save Settings. This will allow Housters to integrate with Rotessa, so that you can track Rotessa’s online payments directly in Housters.

You can add multiple Rotessa accounts into Housters, for the scenario where you want some online payments to be sent to a certain bank account and other online payments to be sent to another bank account.

Once you have integrated Rotessa into Housters then your account is ready to be able to receive online payments. Next, you can begin inviting other users to start sending you online payments through Housters.

  • For Landlords & Property Managers, you can invite Tenants either on the Tenant Dashboard screen or from the Subusers screen.
  • For Property Managers, you can invite Landlords either on the Landlord Dashboard screen or from the Subusers screen.
  • For Landlord subusers, your Property Manager already has an account (they invited you) so you just need to follow up with them and ask them to set up their account for sending online payments to you.
  • For Vendors, you can invite Landlords & Property Managers from the main Dashboard.

If you have added multiple Rotessa accounts, when inviting a user it will ask you which bank account you want their online payments to be sent to. Note that online payments generally day 5-7 business days to settle.

Billing Discounts

Note that for Landlords & Property Managers with master accounts, there is a $3 (USD) billing discount for receiving your first online payment through Housters.