Sending Landlord Invoices

Audience: Property Managers

Housters generates Invoices whenever payments are due, based on the Landlord’s contract terms. As you add Payment Transactions, it automatically updates the Amounts Paid on the Invoices. By default, these Invoices are simply a way to track payments that are due and how much was paid.

However, you may want to send an Invoice to a Landlord to remind them of a payment that will soon be due or is past due. If you select a Landlord, you can then choose to view the Send Invoice screen. At the top of the screen it provides a summary of the Landlord’s contract terms, payment status, the last time you sent them an Invoice, and if they have set up online payments or not.

Note: Only Landlords that collect rent payments from Tenants can be selected on the Send Invoice screen. Otherwise, the conventional payment flow is you sending money to them, not them to you.

Sending a one-time invoice

Where it asks what action you would like to take, you can choose “Send Invoice to Landlord” to send a one-time payment request email to them. You can input the amount you’re requesting, when the payment is/was due, payment delivery instructions, and which Invoices you would like to attach to the email as PDF attachments. You can also choose whether you want to send them a separate email inviting them to log in to Housters so that they can make their payment online. The email message is fully customizable, and you can set up defaults on the Message Templates screen and also customize the logo at the top of the email on the Branding screen.

Setting up automated invoices

Where it asks what action you would like to take, you can choose “Enable Auto-Sent Invoices” to set up automated Invoices. You can input whether you want to send Invoices a certain number of days either before or after the payment is due. You can also choose to only send the Invoice if the payment is due (if the Landlord didn’t pay it yet.) Following the schedule of when payments are due, Housters will send out the Invoice emails and include a PDF attachment for the current Invoice.