Audience: Landlords & Property Managers

Adding Trips

On the Trips screen, Housters allows you to add any rental-related trips that you took. Depending on your country, these trips can be an important deduction come tax time.

You can input the trip date and a description of the trip, and then either specify the total miles of the trip or input your starting address and destination address and then Housters will calculate the mileage for you. Lastly, you can specify whether it was a round trip or not, which will double the mileage.


Once it’s tax time, you can run the Trip Report for a given date range (e.g. last year) to get all of the information you need for filing your taxes. If you live in the USA, Housters will automatically use the standard deduction rate (e.g. 58 cents per mile for 2019) and let you know what your total deduction is at the bottom of the report. If you live outside of the USA, you can input your country’s deduction rate per mile at the top.